CBSE Curriculum

The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi — I to XII. The medium of instruction is English. However, equal emphasis is paid on other regional languages at individual level for our students’ better understanding.
CBSE Affiliation Number : 130241

At TVIS, there are three pillars of teaching ideology; One Practicals, two Theory and three Assessment.


TVIS teachers ignite interest among its students by performing practicals and showcasing real life examples. It helps students to focus and quickly understand the theory.


The theory helps students to understand the principles behind the mechanism of real world applications.


Unlike other schools, TVIS does concept level assessment and analysis which ensures that every student understands what he is learning.

Academic Curriculum Offered:

Science stream : Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, Optional subject (Physical Education or Computers)

Commerce stream : Mathematics, Business studies, Accountancy, Economics, English

  • Pre-primary school years (Nursery – UKG) – English, Hindi, Telugu, Numeracy, General Awareness and Activities to improve motor skills.
  • Primary school years (I-V) – English, Hindi, Telugu, Mathematics, EVS,Science, GK and Computers.
  • Middle school years (VI-X) – English, second language, third language (upto IX), Mathematics, Social studies, Science and Computers.
  • Senior school years (XI-XII) – Science and Commerce stream.

About Us

We are TVIS, a place of educational excellence.

We equip your children for world class success in the fast changing world.


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