FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

What is specialty of The Vizag International School?

Teaching methodology of TVIS is unique when compared with other schools.  It is designed on three principles of Practicals, Theory and Assessment. Thus, our curriculum is mostly Project oriented and revision oriented.
Student’s mental health is a priority at TVIS. Thus, it is compulsory for all the Students to participate in activities like yoga, music, games etc for 1 hour daily.
Focus on strengthening Communication Skills, Language and Literature. Our curriculum includes special programs like No-Bag day and Story Telling to make students speak English fluently.
TVIS provides individual care. We have an exclusive team for motivating and counseling the students.
We offer special training for Spell Bee, Olympiads etc. to our students to face the competitive exams.
We also train our children in Sports and Games and encourage them to participate in local and national level competitions.
TVIS has the best of sports and games facilities and perhaps ranks first in terms of open space per student, among the CBSE schools along east coast of India. 
TVIS is most eco-friendly school with zero carbon entity powered by its solar technology. 

Why do we need to change board from state to CBSE?

State Board is limited and concerned to a particular State, whereas CBSE Board valid throughout India and abroad. CBSE Board’s syllabus was analytical, practical and project oriented. It helps improve the logical thinking of the child. Rot learning is not at all encouraged.  Also, many Indian engineering, medical colleges and other universities outside India prefer CBSE marksheet.

What is the difference between TVIS and other schools?

As per Academics other schools have limitations in schedule and teaching methodology. But TVIS schedule is flexible with Core Academics, Language Development, Guest Speakers, Field Trips and so on.

Most of the other local schools lack basic infrastructure like playground and other necessary facilities, whereas TVIS has a spacious ground for students to play and other advanced facilities like smart classrooms and computer labs to help them learn. Other schools provide less focus on the child’s wellbeing. But TVIS provided AC Class rooms and well-established Computer Lab, Resourceful Library, Science labs for practicals.   In other schools most of the students are only from one region but TVIS students are from various parts of India including Odisha, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Manipur, Andaman and from different places of Andhra Pradesh. This helps our children learn various traditions and cultures of other states.

Do you have IIT and NEET foundation at the School?

Yes, we have experienced faculty who provide quality training to help your child to prepare for competitive exams not limited for IIT and NEET but also for other entrance exams like VIT, SAT (for foreign universities) etc.

How to reach your school? What are the lodging facilities available for parents?

School is located at Korukonda, 9 kms away from Vizianagaram RTC complex or Railway station. 24 hr transport facility is available from both the places. Lots of accommodation options are available at Vizianagaram.
TVIS also provides accommodation for few days to the parents in the school campus, subject to availability.

What medical facilities do you have?

We have on campus medical and first aid facility. Our school has 24 hr transportation for emergency. Nearest hospital is 10km away. We have panel doctors to attend to the students.

What is your Menu?

Our Menu was designed with nutritious quality food and balanced diet. A combination of North- South menu. Every day we provide chapatti or roti. We provide non-veg like chicken and egg  twice a week. Every day we provide milk in the morning and fruit in the evening. TVIS is always delighted to serve the food to visiting Parents and in fact rated highest by them in terms of menu, taste and hygiene.

Any individual care in studies?

Yes. We have adequate residential & non-residential tutors who provide after school classes to resident students. Students who need extra push in studies are provided with special classes which enable them to compete with peers.

What about Security?

A solar fencing is running around the compound wall of the campus. The school and the Hostel are under 24×7 surveillance. No child is allowed for outing without escort. If any stranger visits for the child, he/she is allowed to meet the child only after taking confirmation from the parent.

What is the experience of your teachers at your school?

All the teachers are well qualified and experienced. They come from different places of the country. They are all trained and experienced.

In what medium do teachers teach?

All the subjects other than languages are taught in English medium.

How many students in classroom?

Our ideal strength is 30-35 per class room.

How much space available per student in classroom?

On an average 25 Sq. ft space is available for each student in classrooms. Spacious lobbies and vast open spaces are added ambiance.

How big is your play ground?

Open play ground area is near about more than 3 Acres. Tennis court, Cricket Pitch and Practice nets, Football court, Volley Ball Court, Basket Ball and Indoor and Outdoor Badminton courts are additional facilities.

Do you have any extracurricular activities?

Yes. We have Sports, Games, Music, Dance and Yoga.

Do you put pressure on student’s studies?

No. Student’s mental health is a priority at TVIS. Thus, it is compulsory for all the Students to participate in activities like yoga, music, games etc for 1 hour daily.

How do you take care of discipline of students?

By continuously monitoring and counselling the children. We also conduct motivational classes by inviting prominent personalities on a regular basis.

How many students per warden?

25 Students.

Do you conduct any events like, Science exhibition, Children’s day, Sports day etc.


At what time students go to bed?

10.00 PM

What is the Daily Schedule of Hostel Students?

5:15GOOD MORNING! Wake Up Call
5:30 TO 6:00JOGGING
8:00 TO 8:20BREAK FAST
5.00 to 5.30GAMES
8:00 TO8:30DINNER

When do you give holidays for students?

Normally three times – Dasara, Pongal and Summer break.

Do you send kids to competitive exams?

Yes. We train and encourage our students to participate in Spell Bee, Maths Olympiad, Science Olympiad and etc.

Does Hostel warden speak Hindi?

Yes. All our hostel staff are fluent in Hindi, English and Telugu.

My Kid has allergies, how accommodative is your school for that allergy?

We take note of all requirements like medicines, food allergies etc and make sure that students are not exposed to those allergens.

How many times do you send kinds to for field trip and does that cost included in the fees?

We provide field trips for at least five (5) times in an academic year. All cost(s) for transport are borne by the school and any other personal expenses are to be borne by the student/parent.

Can I Send books and food items to my kid?

Yes, you can send books but food is not allowed without prior permission

Do you provide enough study material like books and practice papers for child’s education?


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