Rules & Regulations

  1. Please try and ensure 100% attendance of your ward. If for any reason, your child needs to be absent, please submit a written application to the class teacher or message in case of emergency.
  2. An academic planner, showing the entire schedule of the school for academic year is given which includes the list of exams, holidays, outing etc. Any changes in the schedule will be intimated to you in advance.
  3. Children who are unwell, must not be sent to school earlier than required. Eg – chicken pox, etc.
  1. Kindly note that for any misdeed/misbehavior constituting minor or major offences, corrective measures will be taken the respective staff.
  2. In case of repeated misbehavior/offences, a discipline committee consisting of the Principal, Vice Principal, Director and any other staff member (if required) would be summoned for necessary investigation and warning. In extreme cases, parents will be called to discuss the problem and thereafter expulsion or suspension would be contemplated.
  3. Students are not to be in possession of any electronic gadgets, mobile phones, jewelry, excess cash etc. in the school premises. The school will not be responsible for the loss of the same. If certain items are required to be brought to school (like camera during celebrations or sorts) it must be reported to the school office along with a written application. Any banned items found in possession would be confiscated immediately and will not be returned.
  1. Students must come to school well groomed in proper uniform (including shoes) in all the days. Any discrepancy observed, fines shall be charged.
  2. If any situation where the child is unable to follow the prescribed dress code to school, a written note signed by the parent/guardian must be submitted on that day in the office.
  3. Weekly once prescribed sports uniform to be worn. The day of the week will be intimated in advance.
  4. Students can wear civil dress on Saturday and on the occasion of their birthday. The civil dress worn must be dignified.
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